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Window treatment
〜Designs and making with our special and imaginative ideas for patterns and textures〜

Style and Decorative curtains ・ Blind ・  Shade ・ Soft furnishings → Works


Domestic : Creation Baumann Japan, Silent Gliss, Tecido, National Treadings, Japan Hunter Douglas, Fujie textiles, Mana Treadings, Marimekko,


Sangetsu, Tachikawa Blind, Toso, Toli , Nichibei , lilycolor

Wall styling

Any type of wall styling is available. Natural, deodorant, high performance materials with our experienced works will make your room comfortable.


Plaster / Diatomaceous soil 〜Natural material gives you Eco space〜


  Ash light
Natural plaster material made from a volcanic ash.
By a photocatalyst action, all disagreeable smells, such as ammonia , formaldehyde
tar of cigarette and pet smells are absorbed and decomposed. The humid control will prevent from condensations, breeding mold in a room


  Vines coat
Finishing past made from same natural material of Ash light. Same performance with Ash light, possible to cover on a surface of existing cloth. Easy, timeless and no garbage on process.


  Mudwall of natural style
Diatomaceous soil in lower cost, with an improved anti-shock performance


Wallcoverings made from real eggshells, the strong performance in humid control.



Wall coverings 〜Individual and original room with our various ideas〜


With our careful process to the basement of wall, any types of wallcoverings will do to be used in your room, even if a thin wall which are never recommended from others. → Works

Floorings, tiles, marble stones, carpets and tatami.

Our direct imported materials of floorings and tiles are effectively planned and used to various places.
Also custom made carpets for facilities are available to make plans and designs for a project. → Works

Repair Chairs, Sofas and Upholster / Furniture

For your attached furniture and chairs, repairing gives them a long life to be used with you.
Repairing of upholster must help your sitting on to be comfort. → Works

Custom made furniture

This is the most effective way to keep the storing space.
An apartment house in small space is installed up at a whole wall from top to bottom → Works

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