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Custom made furniture

Workd of custom made furniture at apartments

A wall shelf for TV and storage

To storing space for a build in air conditioner

Storing place under the counter board


LD Wall shelf for TV


bedroom / Wall cabinet

Hospital / Side board cabinet

A writing desk for multi use
Opened-closed Mirrow on front wall

Facility / Desk originally shaped

An apartment / A closet

Exchange Upholster of Chairs , Sofas

Exchanging upholsters of chairs and repairing wooden parts are available.
Exchange dirty torn fabrics and a supplement of stuffed contents, it will give you a feeling which sit down will revives. We also make a proposal exchanged for a new one, but we think it important that furniture should be used for a long time.


Exchange Upholster of Dining Chairs ( Seat and back )

Before 、 After Before□ After
Before→ After Beforeあ After

Seat just removed





Beforeア After BeforeΒ After

BeforeБ After Before│ After

Fabric: William Morries


Repair furniture

Japanese low table After

Used Japanese low table bought from a recycle shop, too much damaged to use in a room. After repair of painting, revived as wonderful table.

Counter bord After

Burned traces of cigarette in circles are almost disappeared. With many spots, repair fee costs a lot, but cheaper than exchanging a new board.

Antique folding chair After


Antique chair made by Japanese manufacture, with wooden bars in good quality. Too damaged on torn seat and discomposed parts have been repaired to renewal one and changed with new fabrics.
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